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What Parts Of A Car Can Be Recycled For Money?

Recycling has become a vital part in inorganic waste removal.   One of the largest industries in recycling inorganic waste is the automotive industry… recycling millions of vehicles per year.  At Fuel Exchange Oceanside we came up with this list of what can be recycled for money.

Every part of a vehicle can be recycled for money, however, not everyone has the tools or equipment to do so.

A lot of the time, vehicle owners don’t even know their out-of-service vehicle has valuable parts that can be re-sold and make some money.  Most junk/scrapyards will offer a flat rate for out-of-service vehicles. Any average vehicle owner can strip their vehicle of valuable parts and re-sell before sending the rest of the vehicle to the yard.

Some of these parts can be sold online (websites like Ebay or Craigslist), directly to the junkyard, or even your local automotive store.  With a little bit of time and effort, you can strip your out-of-service vehicle of vital parts and send the rest of the vehicle off to the scrapyard.

Some of the major parts of a car that can be re-sold include:

#1 Battery

The car battery provides the electricity needed to put the car’s electrical components to work. Held together by only 2 nuts & bolts, these can be removed with ease and resold. It can take less than 5 minutes to remove a car battery.

#2 Alternator

The Alternator works with the battery to generate power for all of the electrical components of a vehicle.

These can sell for a pretty decent price, ranging anywhere from $40-$150. The removal can be a tad bit tedious but, it’s only held together with about 5-6 nuts & bolts. It takes less than 30 minutes to remove an alternator.

#3 Tires & Rims

Your tires and rims what allows your car to roll. Most tires & rims can be removed with ease, simply jack up the vehicle and use a lug wrench to remove them. Most vehicles come with a jack & lug wrench, available in the trunk of their vehicle for the spare tire. This can be a little bit time consuming to remove all 4 tires & rims, it will be well-worth the effort.

#4 Starter

A starter is used to crank the vehicle and send the spark to have the car start. The starter, like the alternator, may take some time to remove.

#5 Engine Oil

Your engine oil keeps the engine lubricated to allow all of the parts to move smoothly. Although not much, you can drain your engine oil and recycle it at most local recycling agencies or auto parts stores.

#6 Radio/Stereo System

The Radio/Stereo system provides all those sweet tunes you might listen to on your way to work. These can be easily removed with some time and resold online.

#7 Catalytic Converter

Catalytic Converters are a pretty high-selling item due to the metals they are made with… this part can be pretty difficult to remove but, if you have the time and know-how, you can get a nice payout.

These are just some of the parts an “average Joe” can remove themselves. Every part of the vehicle can be recycled, you might as well make some extra bucks before selling the whole thing to a junkyard.

What Parts Of A Car Can Be Recycled For Money?
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