How to Update the Kitchen of Your Apartment


Starting from scratch and tearing down everything in an apartment on rent or in own home isn’t an easy thing to do with whatever budget you have; one can make good changes that bring a quite nicer look at the kitchen whether it is in the apartment in Lewisville TX or home. If you are DIY (Do it Yourself) lover, so there are nice ideas around the internet, and you can use your imagination to bring out something cool let`s say a backsplash in a kitchen will bring something look different from neighbors and add a healthy effect on a mood. Let`s say if we add:

1)    Vinyl decals in block pattern, or

2)    Faux Tiles made from patterned, removable decals for new look, or

3)    What if a cloth with handmade painting on it, OR

4)    Plates that have designs on it so it will add a look of it

Else if you prefer to do another modern custom look on different sections of your apartment in Lewisville TX, then we say

None of these ideas are feeling comfortable so then we give you more here you go:

1)    Hide the ugly flooring:

You might get tempted to see the ugly floor of your kitchen; it’s better to place a mat on it.

2)    Update the Hardware in the kitchen:

If there are old stuff hooked on your kitchen cabinet then replaces it with the new one.

3)    Add few Storage in kitchen:

Try to place inexpensive racks and hanging pot rack will also add a look in a kitchen.

Like pot rack, you can add/hang, shelves and other storage are easily removable and easily changed anywhere in the kitchen. When you plan to move out, then patch the holes so it will help newcomers to feel comfortable with the look of the kitchen room.

Try to paint the old cabinet to make them look new.

If doors of a cabinet are old then it can be replaced, get some help from the carpenter.

4)    Paint the Cabinets:

Paint the cabinets with different colors or pattern will bring new looks the kitchen. How about the contrast with the wall color?

5)    Lay new floor if budget allows:

Why not lay a new floor in kitchen, if your budget allows. It will make it more than expected and bring a nice outlook to the floor of the kitchen.

6)    Use Patterns on Walls:

If color is not an option, then head for wallpapers with different patterns on it which bring a nice look to the wall surrounding the kitchen.

Another idea is to change the lighting around the kitchen, so it will be a good idea as it looks more professional kitchen than a traditional one. Don’t take it as status-quo but if you don’t like the way it looks to add a small lamp on the kitchen table so people can dine on it.

One last tip:

The best thing you can do is use your mind and imagination. Does whatever feel you comfortable, cozy and relaxing?  The best architect is your mind. Have a nice décor of the kitchen.