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Five Benefits of Buying Recycled Auto Parts

You’ve probably experienced this scenario. You hurry out the back door, hop in your car, turn the key or press start and you hear that awful clicking sound that reminds you it is time for automotive maintenance. Immediately, you realize your battery is dead. So, you call your neighbor to jump start your car. He does. As you thank him, you head to your favorite auto parts store. There, you find out that 99% of all car batteries are recycled. You also find out that most car parts are recycled; and, that purchasing them offers may benefits.

The first is cost. Unless you’re looking for parts for an antique car, chances are you’ll pay less. Check with a local auto repair shop or a nearby salvage yard for bargains. Salvage yard operators extract usable parts from junk cars, fix them up and store them for sale. Often, you or those at an auto repair business can find bargain basement prices.

Next, buying recycled auto parts is environmentally friendly. It keeps those parts from going into a landfill, taking up precious space and possibly leaking toxic chemicals into the soil and eventually into the underground water supply.

Thirdly, used parts are available. Since 95% of all EOL (End of Life) vehicles are recycled, that means there are many parts out there. Auto repair shop owners are generally familiar with nearby scrap yard operators and can more than likely find you what you need.

Also, let’s say you need a catalytic converter for a classic car. If a scrap yard or auto repair shop can find you a rebuilt one, that’s a plus. Putting in a brand new catalytic converter means there’s been a change in design; so, you won’t be getting a perfect match.

And, there’s one final bit of information. Buying recycled auto parts can have a positive impact on your family, friends and neighbors. People watch what you do. If you show interest in buying recycled parts, chances are they will too. And, using recycled materials is a win-win situation for all of us!

Yes, there are many benefits of purchasing recycled auto parts. They cost less. It’s good for the environment. They are affordable.. They can offer a good match for older vehicles; and buying and using them can have a good effect on those around you. And, all this just makes good sense.

Five Benefits of Buying Recycled Auto Parts
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