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Do You Know What Happens When You Recycle Your Car?

In this day and age, making environmentally conscious decisions can help in the fight to preserve our planet. You can do more than shop at your local Auto Repair Near me. One of the leading industries in these endeavors is the automotive industry. Every year, millions of vehicles are recycled and re-purposed. With modern technology on the rise, the quality of vehicles has also gone up and the average lifespan of a vehicle with it. Due to this, the automotive recycling rates have decreased.

Generally, when a vehicle becomes out-of-service, it’s collected either by donation or sold of to a junkyard. Almost all of these vehicles will end up at a scrapyard at the end of their life cycle.

You should know, most automotive vehicles contain numerous fluids that can be hazardous to the environment, such as; engine oil, gasoline, transmission fluid, Luckily, the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) has strict guidelines, for auto-recyclers, to follow in either reusing or disposing of these harmful chemicals, in an eco-friendly fashion.

There are also parts from these vehicles that can be re-used like batteries, alternators, and the like… any of these parts, that are still usable, are stripped and re-sold to other consumers before the vehicle gets ready to be turned into scrap metal. At a junkyard, consumers can often find other parts of vehicles to reuse like doors, hoods, seats, etc…

Once a vehicle is stripped of any parts that are reusable and the vehicle is left as a shell of what it once was… meaning frame and metal, the leftover metal is sent to a shredder. The shredding process will reduce the rest of the vehicle down to a manageable size so the metal can be extracted from all the other rubbish like plastics.

Do You Know What Happens When You Recycle Your Car?
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