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The story of Champion Auto Recycler began many years ago when a young immigrant Marion was working in a mechanical shop. One day, he was asked to drive over to a recycling facility to pick up auto parts that were needed for a job, that is the origin of everything he has accomplished so far. Nearly after a decade Marion was able to turn his dream into reality.

Champion Auto Recycler

Marion has been in the automotive industry for 17 years now and over the years have gained expertise in every nitty gritty of this industry. Over the years he has also gained a lot of experience in the Auto recycling and it’s benefits for auto drivers and the environment.

When it comes to environmental protection, we believe in being leaders in our community. As an automotive recycler, we are proud to say that 84% of a vehicles are materials are put towards building new products, including new vehicles. The best part about automotive recycling is that the number of vehicles that end up in landfill is significantly reduced. For the parts of the vehicle that can’t be recycled, follow government specifications for removing hazardous waste, such as oil and mercury. With every vehicle we work on, we take every measure possible to eliminate the chances of hazardous waste contaminating our environment.

This blog is a place to share all of our experience and knowledge from Champion Auto Recyclers to all our fellow drivers and Auto shop owners. We try making this place better everyday. Hence we take each and every suggestion of yours very seriously.

Hope this blog helps in making your vehicle and the environment better at the same time.


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